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Why USSA? Benefits

  • Greater negotiating volume
  • State of the art contract management technology
  • Greater industry knowledge
  • Broader negotiating skills
  • Low volume trade lanes support
  • Shipper Control
  • More Contract choices
  • Reduced contract commitment risk
  • Export Trading Certificate protection
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For more than 25 years USSA has successfully secured advantageous ocean shipping contracts for its members throughout many business cycles. USSA provides members with an electronic contract management platform for ocean freight which shows detailed bottom line detail and bottom line freight spend.


USSA affords members with market leading ocean freight rates and services by combining member shipping volume. The Association provides up to date information on trends of global economics and the impact on ocean shipping.

Operating Committee

Each member assigns one or more representatives to the USSA Operating Committee assisting staff to implement USSA strategy.

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Finding The Right Partner for Ocean Shipping Contracts

Beverly Altimore - Tuesday, October 18, 2016
If you need to ship goods to remote locations, you need to know which ocean carriers (http://www.ussa.global/about-us.htm) are most trustworthy. How to choose the right ocean carrier: If you are shipping a large amount of goods per ..
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Should Your Company Invest in Ocean Freight Auditing?

Beverly Altimore - Monday, September 26, 2016
USSA (http://www.ussa.global/about-us.htm), a leader in ocean freight management, understands that there are multiple components to consider in managing the transportation of your cargo. Whether you ship vast quantities of product or less-than-tr ..
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Reasons behind the new SOLAS VGM rules for ocean freight containers

Beverly Altimore - Wednesday, September 21, 2016
SOLAS introduced the new regulation about the declaration of the weight of ocean freight with great impact to the industry. Besides the additional administrative cost, there has been a shift in liability to the ocean shipping companies. As much a ..
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GT Nexus

Going the extra distance

Transportation Procurement, Contract Management, and Ocean Shipment Visibility available to all USSA members

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Recent Industry News

Hanjin's Chapter 15 Bankrupcy - What's Next?04-Oct-2016

The collapse of Hanjin, the seventh largest container ocean shipping company, is going to impact the global supply chain. The legal options and what ..


Learn About the Insolvency of Hanjin Shipping 21-Sep-2016

It has been a tense time for many around the world. While on September 13, the chairman of Hanjin Group transferred 40 billion won ($36 million) t..


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